What Happens After A Car Accident

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You looked down at your phone and ran a red light. Fortunately, you’re unharmed, but your car isn’t. This may be your first accident and you don’t know what to do now, we’re here to help you walk through it.

First, turn off your car and don’t leave the scene. Leaving the scene of an accident automatically makes you liable. If your flashers on your car work, turn them on to help caution other drivers to the accident. Then you need to make a decision on any possible injuries. If you believe someone is injured, immediately call 911 to get an ambulance and police on the scene.

It’s always smart to call the police even if there aren’t any injuries because the police will help you walk through making a statement. This report can then be turned into your insurance agency and used to make a claim for your vehicle’s damage. You want to be sure to gain as much documentation (or evidence) as possible. Gather the insurance, name, etc. and other relevant information from the other driver to ensure you’ve got what you need on record. If you have the capability to take photos of the scene with your mobile device, do that before any vehicles are moved.

Keep a sharp mind the next couple of days for any injuries that might show up. This could be stiffness in the body, bruising, whiplash, or just stress from the incident. Be sure that you’re keeping a file of all the information you’ve collected on hand as well. If you are given a traffic ticket in Greenville NC, you can usually pay the ticket online. You can also hire a traffic lawyer to help with the legal repercussions of the accident.

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Here at Owens, Nelson, Owens & Murad, we consider ourselves the best car accident lawyer Greenville NC, traffic tickets and more. We can represent you if received a speeding ticket as well. We strongly suggest that you always take your time on the road. Keep electronic devices out of sight to prevent temptation while driving.

Texting And Driving

Don’t Text And Drive

If you’re ever in a bind after the police report and need to know more about what to do after an accident, feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation with any of our lawyers.

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